EXPRESS SMART GAME: + 3.2 BNB in 3 days!


Yesterday Express Smart Game officially started and now there are almost 100 000 players! It’s not a casino, but it is a gamble!

Register here:

You will find the full presentation on the website.

Express Smart Game operates on the BNB Chain (BSC) network. Registration, activation of levels and receipt of income are carried out in the main coin of the BNB network.

To work in the Express Game, you must have your own ID on the FORSAGE BUSD platform. Those who do not have a FORSAGE BUSD account can register for Express Game and FORSAGE at the same time, with just one transaction in BNB on the smart game page:

The network commission when working with Express is no more than 0.01 BNB for activation of one level or registration in FORSAGE BUSD. Always keep a BNB coin with a reserve on your balance!

Express Smart Game is the first game in history that operates on a smart contract, which has a passive income in BNB, received immediately to a personal crypto wallet without invitations and referrals.

According to the developers, Express Game is an improved version of Forsage. Forsage attracted more than half a million people. It is expected that all of them will come to the Express Game.
The Express Game system is built on overflows along the lines and usually gathers a lot of people. And usually no matter who invites whom, and no matter how many people are on the top lanes, overflows will definitely come to your lane.

Why is Express Game attractive?

  • You don’t have to invite anyone, there is passive incomw.
  • Works with Binance BNB token through Metamask wallet, TokenPocket, Trust.
  • Instant withdrawal to the wallet without admins.
  • Having bought a level once, you can receive it many times, but only if you bought the next level. Otherwise, after two payments, the level is frozen. But:
  • You can buy additional levels and receive income from all (according to the same scheme).
  • The minimum entrance to the 1st level for passive participation is $20.

How to start playing Express Game?

Registration in Express Smart Game BnB:

  • Install Smart Chain crypto wallet (Metamask, TokenPocket, Trust). Prefer Metamask.
  • Fund your wallet with at least 0.05 BNB (+ gas fee) – use crypto exchanges such as Binance or international exchanges to buy cryptocurrencies.
  • Copy and paste the link of your upline in the wallet dapp browser:
  • Check the inviter ID, choose a level and buy.
  • Log in to your account, which displays:

-Your ID
-Referral link
-Purchased levels
-Your income
-Telegram channel
-Your wallet

Rewards in Express Smart Game​

100% of the level activation amount is divided into 4 parts: 74%, 13%, 8%, 5%. The entire amount immediately in one transaction remains on the wallets of users in accordance with the rules of the game.

  • $ BASE REWARD – 74% randomly selected member.
  • $ PARTNER REMUNERATION* – 26% is divided between upstream partners three levels higher.
    -higher level 1 partner gets 13%
    -higher level 2 partner gets 8%
    -higher level 3 partner gets 5%