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Baccarat is considered to be an elite game of wealthy aristocrats. For a long time it was offered exclusively in expensive casinos and closed clubs where huge sums were at stake. With the development of online gambling baccarat has become a popular entertainment. You can easily find it in the list of online casino games where you can play for free or choose a table with the appropriate range of rates.

Best casinos to play baccarat online game

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Hstory of baccarat

The history of the origin of baccarat is vague and full of mysteries. France, Italy and some other countries of the world are fighting for the right to be called its ancestor. According to one of the numerous versions, the inventor of baccarat is Felix Falguere, who took as a basis the ancient Etruscan ritual.

The rules of this exciting game have repeatedly changed over the centuries. The version closest to the modern version appeared in France in the nineteenth century.

Varieties of baccara

It is important to understand that in the original versions of baccarat opponents played against each other. They took turns taking cards and deciding how to act in this or that situation.

Subsequently, versions of the game against the institution were spread more widely. In them, the dealer manages the process and all his actions are strictly subordinate to the established rules.

Online baccarat

Online casinos often offer such models of the game:

  • Mini baccarat
  • Punto Banco
  • Chemin de Fer

There are also versions in which the jackpot is played at an additional bet.

General rules of Online Baccarat

Almost all types of baccarat game online are subject to the same rules. The differences concern the coefficients for calculating payments, the interface, fees of the casino and other less significant nuances.

The main difference between baccarat online and its original variant is the fact that the client does not play against real rivals or the dealer. He/she only has to guess who will win: a banker or a conditional player.

The baccarat game online process consists of several key stages:

  • The player bets on winning of a banker, a virtual player or a draw.
  • The dealer hands in two cards on the player’s and the banker’s fields. The third card is dealt to one or another position in certain cases.
  • Scoring of points is determined by a winning hand or a draw is declared.
  • If the client has guessed the outcome, he/she will receive a payment in accordance with the established odds.

Thus, the gameplay in baccarat game online is maximally automated and does not require the active participation of a casino visitor.

Baccarat strategy in casino

When choosing a strategy for playing online baccarat, you need to pay attention to the coefficients and commission charged by the chosen online casino. They are most often the following:

  • Bet on the player (punto) – payout 1:1;
  • Bet on the banker (banko) – a 1:1 payout with a commission of 5%;
  • The bet for a draw – a payout 8:1 or 9:1.

An ideal strategy is the constant rate of Punto. This is all you need to know as a newcomer about how to win in baccarat or how to achieve the maximum theoretical return. Professionals also take into account a number of additional factors.

How to play baccarat online

  • Choose the model that is most interesting for you.
  • Learn the rules described in the article above.
  • Decide whether you want to play baccarat for free or for money.
  • Click the appropriate button to open the game.
  • In order to play for real money you will need to create an account in the casino. Demo versions are usually available without registration.

Remember that online casino baccarat is a very simple game of chance with elementary rules. You do not even have to study the scoring system. You just need to guess the outcome of the draw and make the right bet.