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Blackjack Online

R350 / R12,000

Blackjack is a timeless game. Entering the world of gambling means to look behind the doors of casinos, gambling houses and clubs. This is where you will find the most popular card game of blackjack, also known as “21”. The rules of blackjack, unlike some other casino games, are simple and the same almost in all the world. Before you start playing blackjack for real money, you should learn the basic rules of the game and test your strength several times playing blackjack online for free.

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Basic rules of blackjack

Blackjack is played at a semicircular table. Behind the straight side of the table is the croupier, sometimes called the dealer. Behind the rounded side are the players. Blackjack is played with French cards. This is a standard deck of 52 cards with which you are probably familiar. In a casino, blackjack is most often played with six decks of cards.

Before you start playing blackjack, you need to buy chips for the game. Put money on the table. The croupier will exchange them for chips of similar value . After receiving the chips, place your bet on a special place on the table. After that the game begins. The dealer carefully shuffles the cards and hands out one card to each player (including himself), suit up. Then he gives all the players one more card. To himself, he hands the card face up, while all others receive cards by card up. This means that all players (including the dealer) start the game with two cards. Players are not allowed to touch their cards.

Winning in Blackjack

Your goal in the game of blackjack is to defeat the dealer. He can be won by collecting cards, the sum of points of which exceeds the sum of points of cards of the croupier, or the amount is less than 21 points, if the croupier exceeds this value. “Ideal” victory is achieved by collecting “blackjack” – a combination consisting of an ace and a card worth 10 points.

The amount (value) of cards must not exceed 21 points. This value corresponds to the best possible winning combination of cards. If you exceed this value, you lose the bet and the game will end. Losing is often called brute force.

Cards value in Blackjack

Cards from two to ten have a nominal value, i.e. their value corresponds to the value indicated on the card.

The cost of J (jack), Q (queen) and K (king) cards is 10 points.

The value of Ace (A) can be 1 or 11, depending on the desire of the player.

Blackjack Rules

After all the cards have been dealt, you can decide how to proceed. If you do not have blackjack (a combination of an ace and a card worth 10 points), you will have several options:

Hit / More – the player takes another card from the dealer.
Stand – you fold / make a “stand”, which means that you no longer draw cards.
Double – you double your bet. At the same time, the dealer hands you another card, and the game ends.
Split – you split your hand. If your cards have the same value, we can separate them. After that, you continue to play each hand separately. But with this you must double your initial bet.
Failure to play – you give up. If you do not like your first two cards, you can refuse the game. In this case, you lose half the bet.

Insurance – you can get insurance. This option is used to get a win if the dealer collects blackjack. For insurance, you can use no more than half the rate, while the gain is 2: 1. However, the probability that the dealer will have blackjack is so small that, in most cases, it is not advisable to use insurance.

After the players use all the options available to them, the croupier opens his second card. If the croupier’s card value is 17 points or more, he must make a “stand”. This means that he will not take another card. If the croupier’s hand is worth 16 points or less, he must take another card.

In the case of a croupier, an ace always amounts to 11, unless the combination of his cards does not exceed 21. Only in this case can the value of an ace be 1.

If the dealer exceeds 21, then all players who remain in the game win an amount equal to their stakes.

If the croupier does not exceed the value of 21, then only those players win, the cost of which cards are as close as possible to 21 and exceeds the cost of the croupier cards.

If a player has the same points as the croupier, then the game ends in a draw – the player does not win or lose anything. Player bet can be used in the next game.

Blackjack Strategy

Blackjack is probably the only casino game in which the correctly chosen strategy can provide you with good chances to go home with a win. You can increase your chances of winning by counting cards, which essentially only requires basic math skills. You do not need to count every single card. It is enough to concentrate on the cards which cost is 10 points. One of the important principles when playing blackjack online is that cards worth 10 points are usually beneficial for the player, while cards of lower value are usually beneficial for the dealer.