Payment Methods

Payment Methods 27-11-2019

Online casinos with M-Pesa payments

Kenya is a country in East Africa, special for its wildlife and incredible views. Gambling is thriving in this picturesque country: Kenya is visited by many gamblers, and finding a casino is not a problem at all. On the African continent, Kenya holds an honorable third place in the development of the gaming industry, which […]

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Payment Methods 28-07-2019

Visa Online Casinos

Once upon a time, people paid only in paper money, but one day everything changed when Bank of America in 1958 came up with a card. It received unprecedented popularity and changed the payment history. From that time began the history of bank cards. Then various systems began to appear that allowed the use of […]

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Payment Methods 27-07-2019

Online casinos that accept cards

Online casinos that accept cards One of the most popular methods of deposit in online casinos for South African players are credit or debit bank cards such as Visa, Mastercard, Visa Electron and Maestro. Debit card transactions are performed within the funds credited to them. Credit cards can be used to deposit in excess of […]

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Payment Methods 26-07-2019

Online Casinos with Skrill

Skrill is an electronic payment system that was established in London in June 2001. It was originally called MoneyBookers. After 6 years of its existence, the MoneyBookers payment system was sold to Investcorp Technology Partners. In 2010, MoneyBookers, which has already become quite famous, suffered a rebranding, as a result of which in 2012 the […]

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Payment Methods 23-07-2019

Online Casinos with Easy EFT

Easy EFT is South Africa’s national payment system. The service is aimed at citizens of this state and is not known to other users. It could be used for making payments in local online casinos and on gaming sites. Calculations were made in national currency. EasyEFT system allows its user to carry out direct money […]

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Payment Methods 08-04-2019

Bitcoin Casinos South Africa

There is not a person on this planet who doesn’t know what Bitcoin is. This crypto currency is so popular at the moment and it’s value so high that people all over the world are buying it and investing real money in it. A great number of shops and service providers around the world – […]

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