Online Sports Betting in South Africa

Sports and games are big sellers in the global arena. No wonder, then, that online betting sites are hugely popular for sports enthusiasts to wager on their favorite games.

Virtual casinos that facilitate betting on sporting events have proliferated in South Africa in recent years.

Customers seek a wide range of betting options, privacy, security, and ease of operation. When using online betting sites, clients like deposit options and bonuses that make gaming profitable.

Betting sites are expected to provide timely statistics, reliable deposit and withdrawal options and interactive interfaces. Here are some of the top online bookmakers in South Africa.

Best Online Sports Betting Sites in South Africa

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1x2Sports offers one of the most extensive online gambling experience in South African sports betting sites. It caters to both local and international clientele and is designed to accept a range of currencies. They accept cheques, credit cards, and bank transfers to make online sports betting in South Africa convenient and hassle-free.
The graphics are attractive, yet professional, and the interface is user-friendly with a good wide range of betting options. It is also easy to navigate through the sporting options.
Customers can choose from sports like major league football, cricket, rugby, volleyball, racing, and boxing. 1x2Sports is fast becoming one of the premier online bookmakers in South Africa.


BetWay is among the more experienced online bookmakers in South Africa. The company is built on the UK brand which bears the same name. It is a force to be reckoned in online sports betting sites.
Customers using BetWay can make transactions on their mobile devices and tablets. It is significant since these devices are hugely popular among South African sports betting sites.

BetWayplaces a great deal of thought, and attention to detail, which makes the site very easy to operate.
The icons and navigation toolbars are easy to operate. Earnings are transferred quickly, with little or no disruption using mobile money.
BetWay has built a reputation that allows users to place wagers on a plethora of games anytime, and from almost anywhere.
Rated among the best online sports betting in South Africa, BetWay offers a convenient, user-friendly and pleasant betting experience.


InterTops is listed as having one of the largest odds menus in online sports betting in South Africa. It boasts a reputable, well-established company, which thrives on customer satisfaction.

InterTopsoffers close to 4,000 bets daily, in a wide range of sporting events. Customers have access to almost 50 different online games from close to 200 countries worldwide.
The interactive software allows multiple or single betting options, with low stakes to help maximize potential earnings. InterTops is easily one of the more popular online bookmakers in South Africa.

The online sports casino interfaces well with mobile and tablet users, with numerous live betting events every week. When it comes to South African sports betting sites, InterTopsis rated among the best online search options for punters. Sporting events include golf, motor racing, rugby, cricket, basketball, and soccer.


Online sports betting are growing exponentially in South Africa. The ultimate online betting experience will include seamless access to bonuses and winnings. Interactive, user-friendly icons, a wide range of betting options and security are among top essentials for sports enthusiasts. Also you might be interested in fantasy sports.