New ZAR online casino sites

On this page you will find a list of new ZAR online casino sites which is constantly being updated.

Almost every day there is a new online casino appears on the Internet. Right mow there are hundreds of thousands gaming houses available online. And there is no end to it.

Wth all this diversity there are generally speaking two types of casino players – the ones who always choose reputable and well established online casinos which they can trust and the ones who love try out new online casinos and see what they have to offer.

So which strategy is better? What is best to choose – new or old and reputable online casino? Let’s see.

New ZAR online casino sites: New South African RAND casinos

New ZAR online casino sites


  • new online ZAR casinos need to compete with the famous ones so they try to offer good welcome bonuses as well as pmomotions for loyal players to attrack new casino members in order for them to join their establishment. This is the most important advantage of new online casinos. Their welcome bonuses can reach up to 300% on your 1st deposit. Very often they also offer free no deposit bonuses in a shae of free spins or free cash just for registration in the casino.
  • good service. Again, trying to compete with well-established casinos out there, ne ZAR online casinos offer excellent customer service and support. Make no mistake, they will assist you within the minutes if you have any trouble or a simple question. Usually support is offered by online chat, phone and e-mail. It might be as well that there is a FAQ section on casino website.

Gambling assortment

In order to compete with the old reputable casinos, new playgrounds strive to provide a wider range of gambling entertainment – slots, roulette, card entertainment, games with live dealers. The number of slots prevails in the gaming room, since developers primarily produce such types of entertainment.

Many clubs make game catalogs more convenient to use. For example, devices are sorted by genre, subject, functionality and manufacturer. Gamers can choose a launch mode – a demo (free game) or a cash version.

The range of gaming machines often includes the latest news from global brands. Three-dimensional slots with new-fangled options and various bonuses can certainly be found in the halls of new casinos than in the old ones. The collection of gambling is constantly updated.

Customer Support

New casinos strive to develop and take into account the needs of visitors in order to prove the convenience and benefit of cooperation. Therefore, usually in new rooms there are several ways to contact those support, so that the user can express their suggestions and complaints or ask a question. This is online chat, email or mobile.

Bonus system

Gamers are wary of unfamiliar sites, so new casinos are actively using various methods to attract customers. First of all, bonuses. Starting rewards are given immediately after registration. You can also receive rewards for the first deposit, large replenishment of the account, invitation of a new participant, active gambling for money, etc. Also, free spins in certain machines are provided as bonuses. Some clubs do not forget about your birthday and give a nice gift. In addition to regular promotions, there are also tournaments – a thematic event in honor of a holiday or special occasion. As a rule, the largest prize pool is shared among the most active players.

Automaton versions

In the era of mobile technology, it is difficult to imagine gambling exclusively on a PC. New game portals offer to download the application to a smartphone or tablet. Mobile version is available only to registered users. In addition, the phone is most often offered to play only for real money.

You can start slot machines in new casinos both for a fee and without registration in demo mode. The trial run allows you to play as much as you like without any financial risks and restrictions. The only difference from the full version is the game currency (conditional loans).

Gaming safety in new casinos

Regarding the safety of the game in the new online casinos, the situation is ambiguous. Most new casinos really try to save user data, as well as personal and won funds. To do this, they are actively using modern security tools (security protocols) aimed at encrypting information and transaction security. Thanks to such technologies, the player can provide scans of his documents to the administration, replenish the account and withdraw funds won without worrying about violation of confidentiality. The administration of the casino undertakes to keep personal data and not to provide it to third parties.

However, with all measures taken, it is difficult to give guarantees. New casinos have no practical experience in protecting against hacker attacks and hacking accounts. Therefore, there is no certainty as to whether the security protocols will work in the event of a real external threat. It is also impossible to predict how the administration of an unverified gaming portal will react if a user account is really hacked.


  • there is a possibility of problems and technical bugs
  • might be delays in payments
  • new online casinos often have limited list of games at the beginning covering only the most popular ones
  • you can’t be sure that you can trust new casino – since it is new you will not find players reviews about it to reasure you.

Possible risks when choosing new casinos

The main disadvantage of the new online casinos is that they are not yet verified. Old clubs have already been studied by gamblers, so you can make a general impression of them. New portals, due to their obscurity, have not yet earned the trust of gamers. Some sites may turn out to be scammers, who will deceive the gamer as soon as possible. To avoid future problems, you should choose the right casino by contacting specialized portals for help. Our site presents a “white” list of recommended clubs, as well as a “black” – dishonest institutions with unresolved complaints from customers.

Also on the sites of new casinos there may be some technical flaws: broken links, incomplete information, incorrectly working slot machines, etc.

Old online casinos


  • established casinos with possibility to check their reputation easily through other players experience and reviews
  • work smoothly, no bugs
  • usually good choice of software providers and big list of games accumulated through the years of existance


  • well-established online casinos don’t feel the need to compete with the new ones so don’t offer more favoritable conditions

How to choose a casino online

If you are determined to try yourself as a player in an online casino, for starters, in addition to Internet access, you will need to choose a casino in which you will try your hand. In order not to make mistakes from the very beginning, it is better to prepare in terms of collecting information about the casino in general and specific institutions in particular. What points should I pay attention to first of all, when the question arises, how to choose an online casino? The first most basic points:

  • License availability
  • Rules for a specific online casino
  • Ratings and reviews of real players

Let us dwell on each. Why a license is important and how it affects how to choose a casino. A gaming license is a document issued by a government agency that confirms the right to provide such services to potential players. So this is one of the very first signs by which you can distinguish scammers from a decent casino. Players are protected by law, and the institution gains the image and status, confirms the legality of the business, it is immediately clear that this is not a one-day resource. The presence of a license is one of the main signs when deciding how to choose an online casino. Read more about checking the casino for a license at this link.

Among other things, a license for a gambling business defines cooperation with game manufacturers who have their own requirements in this regard. You need to understand that the casino itself is a kind of showcase of games that others produce. Those. It works according to the scheme of suppliers and shop. The casino rents certain software and provides the opportunity to play your resource.

Most of online casinos nowadays are dominated by the gaming license of Curacao. In general, there are several. We will talk more about licensing, its types and what it affects in another article. The presence of a license is usually indicated in the sections of the site of the institution.

How to choose an online casino in which it will be comfortable to play

Yes, yes, everything seems to be so obvious, but how often a player throws himself into a sea of ​​excitement, sparing time on the “multi-letter” in the sections on the rules, terms of payments, and so on. Problems begin later, people lose time and most importantly money that they hoped to withdraw without problems. But it’s possible to read everything in advance and you don’t want to play in this institution initially. You will not immediately see any guarantees and you will understand that this institution should not be trusted, much less waste your strength. If the rules are vague, the wording is confusing and unclear, it is worth considering whether it is worth contacting and continuing to choose casinos further.

Next, pay attention to the following nuances:

  • What documents will you need to verify your identity, without this it will be impossible to pick up the winnings.
  • Another point is the feedback from the casino, especially a good sign when there is a telephone and a live person answers it. Having a support service will provide you with a comfortable game and help in contentious situations.
  • Before choosing an online casino, be sure to read in detail about all the nuances of withdrawing money, their terms, conditions.
  • Pay attention to the bonus system and everything connected with them, how it will affect payments and so on. You can also choose and get bonuses right here.
  • The minimum deposit – the higher it is, the more solid and larger the institution. The payout percentage should
  • be above 95%, this is an indicator of the reliability of the casino.
  • Learn with what payment systems the casino works. For South African players the best choice is a casino accepting South African Rand. It’s best if there is a choice there and it’s good to study all the conditions for withdrawing funds – after all, it’s important not only to win, but in the end to get your money in full and as quickly as possible.

Reviews are an important factor when choosing an online casino

Considering all kinds of tops, reviews and reviews and thinking about how to choose an online casino, do not forget to soberly evaluate the objectivity and honesty of these posts.

Do not trust ratings if they are not justified. Be sure to visit the forums of real players, where you can ask questions and get tips on which online casino to choose. Take into account the subjectivity of assessments and possibly the material interest of people. Soberly approach any information received. Do not trust without a full picture

How to choose a South African casino – some more factors

Pay attention to what software the casino works with, the games of which manufacturers it represents. Find out the most reputable manufacturers. If a casino works with such, it will once again confirm the reliability of the institution and the correctness of your choice of casino.

Software manufacturers themselves control the activities of their representatives, which once again guarantees the absence of fraud and cheating on the part of the casino. Well, in a good casino there should be a lot of games for every choice and taste. This also indicates the solidity of the institution and affects the decision to choose whether it is an online casino.

Having the opportunity to play for free also serves as an indicator of a good casino.

Thus, you can understand the convenience, evaluate the technical aspects and other nuances before starting a game for money and opening a real account. And experienced players use this opportunity to “warm up”

Of course, the question of how to choose a South African online casino can be difficult and time-consuming. Understanding the amount of information is not easy, but it is worth it to avoid many disappointments. Remember there is a chance of winning in a casino, but the chances are not too great, so do not reduce them yourself. Unfortunately, there are a lot of dishonest resources on the Internet, having opened an account there you can no longer get your money out of there, be prudent. Try to trust the casino with the established history at first. Do not forget about competent betting management, increase your level of knowledge and enjoy the game itself. Check out our casino reviews

We hope we helped to understand a little bit the question of how to choose a casino, our casino reviews will be of help in your searches. We wish to make the right and reasonable choice, a successful game in new online casinos South Africa.

New ZAR online casino sites: conclusion

Both old and new ZAR online casinos can be good and bad having positive and negative aspects. What really is important is not the age of the casino, but other crucial factors. So let’s consider how to choose a good and reliable online casino.

New online ZAR casinos Frequently Asked Questions

Can I play for free before playing for real money?

Yes. 99% of online casinos offer their games in demo mode. Very often you don’t even need to register on the casino website to play their games for free.

Can I play for South African Rand in new online casinos?

South Africa now is a very targeted country in the gambling industry and a lot of new casinos include ZAR as theis currency. In our reviews we always not if casino accepts ZAR.

Is it safe to play in new online casinos?

It all depends on casino honesty. The problem with new casinos is that you can’t be sure in them. It’s difficult t find players’ reviews as well. But keep in mind that very often new casinos are developed by long existing companies that already have several online casinos – then it is very safe to choose their new product.

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