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Kenya is a country in East Africa, special for its wildlife and incredible views. Gambling is thriving in this picturesque country: Kenya is visited by many gamblers, and finding a casino is not a problem at all. To be a popular casino in Kenya, one must have convinient payment methods. Below we will speak about online casinos with M-Pesa payments for players from Kenya.

On the African continent, Kenya holds an honorable third place in the development of the gaming industry, which is growing at a frantic pace. The reason for this is the high liberization of gambling in Africa. Such loyalty grows from taxes paid by casinos to the Kenyan government.

Another reason is the prevalence of technology in the Internet sphere. Almost every resident of Kenya has a smartphone or computer with Internet access, and therefore easy access to online rates. Virtual casinos have become more accessible for Kenyans than ever.

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Casino’s Payouts

When you make a deposit, the transaction is processed instantly. However, when it comes to withdrawing funds, the process is longer. When you request a withdrawal for the first time, verified operators will check. This is a licensing requirement to prevent money laundering and protect players from fraud. After you have provided a copy of your identity card, the casino should take no more than a couple of days to authorize your request and process the payment. Therefore, you should be careful in choosing a money transfer system – this can save a lot of time and effort.

Airtel Money – what is it?

One of the popularest payment techniques among online-casino lovers in Kenya is Airtel Money, a convenient, stable and safe cellular-based totally method of charge that allows users to fund their online betting and casino money owed, buy offerings and goods online, transfer finances from their mobile smartphone to different mobile smartphone customers speedy and successfully and lots more.

Because Airtel Money is always out there, 7 days per week and is a trusted and dependable fee choice, it’s far ordinary by using maximum main Kenyan online sportsbooks and casinos alike. In fact, it will be difficult to discover a Kenyan online gambling site that doesn’t receive Airtel Money as a banking approach. All customers want to transfer money to and from their online gaming bills using Airtel Money is a mobile cellphone and the manner to fund their Airtel bills.

This is an alternative payment method via SMS, allowing every citizen to use Airtel Money even under the age of 18. To get started, all you have to do is to visit any authorized Airtel outlet in Kenya along with your phone and several IDs to join your account. After registering, you can easily log into your account at Airtel-owned stores, banks, supermarkets, etc.

How to begin using Airtel Money?

Here are the steps you should follow:

1.To get started, you need to make sure that you are registered at a Kenyan casino (or some trusted online bookmaker) and have added money to your account.

2. Next, after entering the online account, confirm the right to enter Airtel Money on your mobile phone. After select the function “Make payment”.

3. After that, click “Other”, enter the corporate call (it is better to use a code of 6 characters).

4. Next, indicate the amount that you decide to deposit.

5. After you click on “Send,” you will acquire an SMS confirming that your price range had been debited out of your account and sent for your beneficiary.

6. Look at your online playing account. You must see there, that your newly transferred funds already reflect, ready to be able to location your bets or play your favorite real money online or mobile casino games.

What is M-Pesa for online casinos?

This is a complex of other types of money transfers. It works through the cellular network, helps to quickly and correctly replenish the account online. It was founded in 2007 with the help of an English telecommunications company called Vodafone. The customer was Kenyan telephony operator Safaricom and another operator from South Africa, Vodacom. M-Pesa is most often used for banking operations, as it has established itself as a reliable and fast system, which is why it has become so widespread in Kenya.

Like its competitor Airtel Money, M-pesa for online casinos in Kenya is available for around the clock, for a whole year, and allows you to make short, clean and painless bills, pay payments, transfer cash and much more.

M-pesa for online casinos – Mobile Payment Features

The main function of M-PESA for online casinos is to send funds. It is carried out by means of a special code and obtaining a mobile bank account number. The recipient of funds, for its part, can use M-PESA for further prompt withdrawal of money in online casinos. The system is available on both a smartphone and a computer.

Among other things, the system allows you to upload funds in advance, replenish your account on a prepayment basis. When a payment is required, the user has the option to use Vodafone Postepaid. In the future, this will lead to the crediting of funds to the monthly account for the Vodafone Kenya phone.

M-pesa online casinosHow to use M-Pesa for online casinos?

To use this payment method in online casinos, you must log in to your M-PESA account. Creating an account is very simple – just contact any M-PESA agent in Kenya who has special documents and permission. Then there are two ways. Firstly, if you have a Safaricom SIM card, you can easily download updates to it (so that the important for casinos M-PESA menu appears). The price is very affordable – Ksh50. The second way is suitable for beginners. It includes access to a completely new M-PESA account with one free bet in online casinos.

Simply go to the nearest available M-PESA agent with your mobile phone and proof of identity (citizen ID). Next, you will be asked to fill out the registration form. There you enter the full name, date of birth, state ID, military ID (if available), the presence of accounts (issued using Safaricom). It is advisable to call the agent’s office before heading there – additional information may be required to open an account.

If the agent decides that your software and all the files are in order and meet the requirements, he will create an account. Next, you need to send an SMS message confirming the registration. At the same time, you will need to create a four-digit PIN. To open the M-PESA menu for your account, go to the Safaricom menu on your smartphone and select an alternative to M-PESA for futher using in online casinos.

Then click “Activate” or “Wezesha”, enter the four-digit PIN code that you have been sent (start key), create a new PIN code for greater security and convenience (do not forget to save it), confirm the new PIN code, and finally enter the number of identifiers you are registered with. After completing these steps effectively, you will be sent a special M-PESA casinos menu and a unique word that you must remember and keep secret for futher succeseful withdrawals from online casinos.

The main point is that whenever you call customer support, you will be asked which word you use to verify your identity. This method improves customer safety and protects against fraud. In the same way, you should keep your new PIN code safe and secret if you want to deposit or withdraw funds from your account without any problems later. Also, you can replenish your account with M-PESA for online casinos at any authorized agent’s office.

After completing all of the above steps, you can easily replenish your accounts using M-pesa for online casinos and betting sites. This will allow you to easily place bets, play, and later withdraw winnings quickly and easily.

How to replenish the account?

So, to replenish your account, it is necessary to perform the following steps:

1. Log in to account and go to the menu.

2. Then select the Lipa na M-PESA option.

3. After that, select the option “Pay invoice” Enter the “Business Number” (link to M-PESA), as indicated in your game account or profile.

4. Enter “Account Number” as indicated on your gaming web page. Enter the amount for the deposit without punctuation marks. Take this item very carefully so as not to repeat all the steps again.

5. Enter your unique PIN code received at the agent’s office (or a new one that you created later) and click “Submit”

6. Now just wait for an SMS to confirm the payment. As result: your M-PESA transaction for online casinos has become successful.


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