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Most online casinos strive to attract vip casino players, or high rollers, – gamblers who play exclusively with high stakes. But not all gambling establishments can offer the appropriate premium-class service for such customers. The main problems of small casinos are the insufficient level of service, low betting limits, no possibility of transferring solid money from the account, as well as special privileged services.

A casino for VIP players is one of the most effective ways to keep large bettors in a gambling establishment. VIP status in both land-based and virtual gambling clubs implies undeniable benefits for users, which includes a number of incentive privileges.

Online casinos that accept VIP players

1xslots Casino

R 28000 + 150FS

24VIP Casino



100% + 22 betting points

Privileges for VIP online casino players

The most attractive VIP casino promotions for high rollers can be found in reputable online casinos. These large companies offer VIP players to take advantage of:

  • profitable bonus offers;
  • special loyalty programs;
  • individually increased cashback;
  • special incentives;
  • participation in personal tournaments, etc.

How do I become a VIP casino player?

It will not be difficult for any high roller to gain privileged status in the casino. Tracking all the bets of its guests, the administration of any gambling site will immediately mark new visitors who start with high bets. Premium customers enjoy a wide range of benefits within a single casino.

It is not possible to count all the types of privileges that can be provided to a player in a particular online casino for VIP players . Each gambling establishment has its own rewards and bonus offers for VIP clients. Based on the respectability and status of the casino itself, the level of service offered to premium guests is also formed.

online casinos that accept vip playersPlay VIP casino games

When playing roulette, blackjack or various slots in different online casinos, you can use big bets in one spin. High rollers choose casinos where possible to play with maximum stakes. The larger the casino, the higher the opportunities for wealthy players, the better the premium service and the more comfortable a variety of services and loyalty programs. For example, in some online casinos for VIP players you can bet up to 10,000 USD in one roulette spin.

Now, let’s discuss VIP casino priveleges in more details.

Exclusive bonus system

The first thing that attracts new high rollers to the gambling site is the exclusive bonus conditions. When a major player receives such an offer, he realizes his importance against the background of other “statusless” gamblers.
As mentioned above, in each online casino, the VIP bonus system provides unique conditions. This can be, for example, promotional programs, accumulative points per bet, no deposit and welcome bonuses, etc. Some operators are developing personalized bonus offers for their valuable customers.

Special VIP casino promotions

A common practice among gambling web sites is the organization of various VIP tournaments, participation in which is possible only by invitation. Among the privileges for high roller casino players, we can single out the drawing of more valuable prizes.

Personal customer support

VIP status in a casino assumes personal customer support for privileged players. An increased level of maintenance can also be included in this item. Thus, the process of withdrawing the won funds and solving any other service issues will take place as quickly as possible.

Also, among the privileges for “status” gamblers, you can include:

  • higher chances of winning the jackpot;
  • exclusive rooms and personal tables in live casinos;
  • birthday gifts;
  • increased exchange rate for Comp Points.


To attract and retain VIP online casino players, established casinos are developing a range of well-thought-out deals. Marketing research in the course of personal service to high rollers reveals the highest preferences of such customers regarding bonuses, content or tournaments. By analyzing all the data received, the casino offers premium guests whatever they want. In the course of this work, the operator has good incomes from reputable players, and customers enjoy privileged services.

High rollers introduce high-quality service to other wealthy gamers, allowing casinos to broaden the spectrum of their VIP visitors. By choosing the most balanced and clear strategies for attracting luxury customers, casinos will be able to generate excellent profits. So it is a win-win situation both for casinos and players.

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