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For players from South Africa it is very important that online casino accepts payments and withdrawals in theil local currency – ZAR. Althou it is not a crucial point and you can choose any casino accepting players from SA, playing in Rand casino will make your experience smoother, easier and more comfortable. Keep reading if you want to know why.

Rand Online Casinos

A part of playing in online casino for real money is that you have to make deposits and withdrawals. While you you can still deposit money in any currency, when casino doesn’t support that currency, it has to convert it in one of the currenciee it accepts – usually, EUR or USD. It is not only less comfortable for a player, but there are also additional convertion fees which the player has to concider. Obviously, it is much easier to find a ZAR online casino where you can deposit, play and withdraw your winnings – all in the same currency. 

Playing in Rand online casinos, you will be able to see and control your real money balance in your own currency, not constantly converting it in your mind. Moreover, there are a lot of games in those casinos where you can set your bet size and limits also in ZAR.

Another advantage of choosing Rnd casino is payment methods they offer. While every online casino offers a lot of payment systems players can use to deposit and withdraw their money, casinos targeting certain countries usually offer payment methods specifically for those countries – which, again, makes your gamong experience much more convinient and smooth. So, becides offering international methods of replenishing your account – like Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Skrill, Neteller etc, ZAR online casinos also work with methods convinient for South African payers – Easy FTP, EcoPayz, SID and FNB Bank Account.

One of the very important characteristics of every onlie casino is bonuses and promotions it offers. Yet again, when you choose Rand online casino you will be able to see offered bonuses in ZAR without having to convert them to understand if this bonus is worth taking or not.

So, as you can see, there are few advantages in playing in Rand casinos. The choice, of course, not as big as let’s say casinos accepting EUR, but more and more ZAR online casinos are opening recently. On our website you can find bouth – casinos where you can play for ZAR and other online casinos accepting SA players. The choice is your.