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Fantasy NBA League

We have made for you a selection of DFS sites on which you can play fantasy basketball for money or for free. But first we suggest refreshing the basics of the NBA Fantasy League in order to get you ready for the game.

How to Play Fantasy NBA?

Below is the general principle of playing the Fantasy NBA League. However, we ask you to be attentive as the details may vary on different sites. Therefore, before you start playing on a particular DFS site, learn its rules. In general, the game of Fantasy Basketball is as follows.

Team Set In Fantasy NBA League

In each tournament you get a certain budget for creating your own fantasy basketball team, which on most sites will consist of 9 NBA basketball players. The list of available players will include the participants of matches of the selected game day.

The cost of a player usually depends on:

  • Average points per season
  • The number of points earned in the last game
  • Popularity (% possession of the player)

Usually your team will consist of 9 players in the following positions:

  • Point Guard (PG) – Point Guard
  • Shooting Guard (SG) – Attacking Defender
  • Small Forward (SF) – Easy Forward
  • Power Forward (PF) – Heavy Forward
  • Center (C) – Center
  • Guard (G) – Defender (G, PG or SG)
  • Forward (F) – Forward (F, SF or PF)
  • 2 Utility Players (UTIL) – Player of any position

Fantasy NBA League

For What Are Points Chosen in the NBA Fantasy Daily?

In fantasy basketball game during the matches your team’s players earn or lose points for their actions on the court. On most Fantasy NBA sites where you can play in fantasy basketball the following events are counted when calculating points:

  • Point
  • Three-point shot (3pt FG Made)
  • Effective Transmission (Assist)
  • Selection (Rebound)
  • Block shots (Block)
  • Interception (Steal)
  • Double-Double (Maximum 1 per player)
  • Triple-Double (Maximum 1 per player)
  • Loss (Turnover)
  • Technical Foul
  • Hard Foul (Flagrant Foul)

Before recruiting players into a team on a particular Fantasy Basketball site examine the available positions and the scoring system, because they differ on different sites.

Where To play NBA Fantasy League?

Among the sites that provide the opportunity to play fantasy basketball, and NBA Fantasy League in particular, we want to note the following sites where you can play Fantasy NBA from South Africa. In addition to these sites, there are other sites, but it is impossible to play for money if you do not live in the US or Canada. On such DFS sites you can register using special programs to bypass locks, and play fantasy basketball for free. We do not recommend making money on such sites, since difficulties may arise when withdrawing the winnings.

Fantasy Basketball: best sites



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