Fantasy Soccer

So, you play the role of the manager of the football team. You have a certain budget. To begin with, you need to recruit a team of athletes from existing teams that are given at your choice – you should choose 11 players from different categories – goalkeeper, defenders, midfielders, forwards and sometimes reserve players. The stronger and more successful the player in real life, the more expensive he will cost you. Accordingly, the team of the strongest players will cost you pretty much. For the success of your players in real competitions you will be credited with points, and for failures, respectively, deducted.

For what points are awarded:

  • player scored a goal
  • player made scoring pass
  • player has spent the whole match or part of the match on the field
  • goalkeeper reflected a penalty
  • goalkeeper and defenders did not miss a single ball
  • player was hailed as the best player of the match
  • the real team, from which the player is taken, won

For what points are deducted:

  • goalkeeper and defenders missed the ball
  • player scored an own goal
  • player received a yellow card
  • football player received a red card
  • player did not score a penalty
  • the real team from which the player is taken has lost

As a rule, competitions take place in the form of tournaments. You compete with ordinary people, the same as yourself. In the course of the competition you pass or drop out of the semifinals and finals.

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